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What Does It Mean To Add Protection?

Nothing in life—or investing—is guaranteed.

Markets go up and down. The best way to protect a future is to have the benefits of market growth while having a plan against the worst of the downside.

It means setting a goal, and building the portfolio with the best chance to get there.

Those tools are now available for financial advisors. We can make them work for you.

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How Does That Work?

Good question. It works by building a portfolio of products that have defined investment outcomes. You have options to increase yield without adding more risk, and including protection without compromising growth.

Participate in the Upside

When the market is going up, your clients can reap the rewards. Whether you’re seeking income or higher returns for clients, protective investing can get you there.

Protect Against the Downside

The markets are volatile and stocks are near all-time highs. Add a level of protection to help preserve your clients’ savings against unpredictable markets.

Participate In A Global Market

Defined outcome investments are a popular option across the globe. But in the U.S. it’s been hidden from all but the biggest advisors and investors. By opening the doors and connecting advisors directly with issuers and carriers, we’re creating a strong ecosystem of products.

For Financial Advisors

See how you can offer your clients better, more innovative products

For Issuers

Build a wider selection of investment options for investors, at scale

Go Beyond Defined Outcomes. Get Outcomes That are Self-Defined

What do you want the future to look like? How are goals defined? And how do we help you get there?

You can build a portfolio that matches your clients’ income needs for the next 10, 20, 30 years—or more. You can set return targets. You can define and adjust your risk. And you can adapt to changing markets.

When you can envision your client’s financial future, all you need is a road. We’ve made it easy to build one.

How to Build Your Practice with Halo

A client’s financial future is built by gathering solutions that work towards more certainty. There isn’t one path—just the one that fits your client’s goals.

Structured Notes

Increased yield with a level of protection

Buffered ETFs

ETFs with a level of downside protection


Harness the power of insurance-based investments

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