Halos are investments that

Halos deliver predefined market returns with downside protection so you can sleep a little better at night.
Welcome to the future.


The stock market

Wealth preservation
When diversification fails investors lose big
Market fluctuation exposes you to big losses and extreme stress
Nobody can predict where the market is headed


Halo Investments

Protected from downturns
Halos provide protection beyond diversification
Pre-defined income
Don’t predict the market, just select your return
Simpler and transparent
Investing shouldn't be so hard

Halo gives ALL investors liquid, low-fee and transparent solutions. It's just the right thing to do.


We left Wall Street to bring Halo's disruptive solution to all investors. As industry insiders, we saw that only High Net Worth investors had the opportunity to access protective investing. We understand that investors are risk averse, want predictable returns, and want it all with a simple, easy-to-understand approach. Hello, Halo!


Simplicity is refreshing

Changing investors’ expectations is no easy task. We give your Financial Advisor the tools needed to protect and grow your investments. Our proprietary solutions can deliver pre-defined outcomes that protect your wealth, going beyond portfolio diversification.

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We created Halo for people that want a clearer focus on their investment objectives without all the volatility that comes with traditional investing. It's that simple. Want to tell your financial advisor about Halos? We've prepared a packet containing all the information you and your advisor need to know about investing with Halos.

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