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Get the complete picture of your annuities.

Financial advisors now have access to the largest annuity providers on Halo’s centralized, easy-to-use platform.

Digitally Connected

Experience the power of a full annuities platform at your fingertips.

Find annuities solutions tailored to your clients’ needs, easily and efficiently with technology. Before, annuities were difficult and time-consuming to manage for clients. Track and monitor your annuity portfolios while connecting directly with the top insurance carriers.

Today’s digital platform for annuities:

New Possibilities

Explore annuity options like never before.

Get access to a wide selection of annuity products, and compare solutions with carrier-provided materials. Halo’s platform provides access to real-time rates across carriers, all in one place.

Centralized Platform

Streamlined execution and management across the annuity lifecycle.

Halo creates an efficient point-of-sale platform for transacting annuities—cutting down time and potential errors by moving to a digital process. Learn, compare, illustrate and submit annuities, plus manage client annuities on-platform, all integrated seamlessly.

Confident Decisions

Due diligence and suitability checks.

Providing appropriate annuity options to clients is first priority. With Halo, evaluate and compare the details from each carrier. Find annuity products appropriate for clients based on important variables and retirement objectives.

Get started in 3 simple steps:


Register for a Demo

Learn more about annuities on Halo’s comprehensive platform.


Evaluate Annuity Options

Compare products side-by-side to make more informed decisions.


Transact, Manage & Report

Track alerts and key events across your full annuities portfolio.

Annuities Gone Digital

One platform to handle every aspect of your annuity portfolio.

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