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Add New Dimension to Your Portfolio Allocation

For financial advisors new to structured products, and for those already using them in client portfolios—Halo’s technology saves time, so you can focus on your clients.

Portfolio Control

Structured notes can provide flexible return and protection options.

An investor can target a level of expected returns over a defined time period, using this powerful portfolio tool. Structured products can offer capital protection, yield enhancement and upside participation – providing a middle ground between bonds and stocks.

Manage your structured products with technology:

Full Portfolio Tracking

New or experienced with structured products—manage it the right way.

Historically, structured notes have been notoriously difficult to track and monitor. Our portfolio analysis tools give you real-time performance, probability of breach and alerts on key events relevant to your investments.

New Idea Generation

Find unique investment offerings that fit your clients’ needs.

On the Halo platform, price and generate the terms of structured notes instantly from the leading issuers across the globe. Choose an underlying asset and time horizon to find a note structure that fits your view of the markets.

Transparent Fees

Traditional investments send you a bill quarterly, despite the outcome.

On Halo there is no platform fee and no asset management fee—you’re only charged a fee for structured product transactions. Invest in structured products with competitive terms from the largest issuers.

Get started in 3 simple steps:


Register for a Demo

Have a Halo representative give you a tour of the platform. Get tips on how to use the technology.


Explore Investment Options

Find or create your own structured note. Choose your underlying, time horizon and protection options.


Start Your First Auction

Get the best terms for your structured note and receive pricing from a group of leading issuers.

Explore The Platform

You’re building a better portfolio for your clients. We’re building a better investment platform.

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