The Halo Difference

More power for investors. More opportunities for issuers. More secure financial outcomes.

Unprecedented Access to Dynamic Financial Tools

Halo gives financial advisors access to solutions that used to be exclusive to the ultra-wealthy.

Advisors manage risk and build their businesses. Issuers create bigger markets. Clients live better lives. We created a suite of tools to get it done—a fast and flexible platform.

What it Means
  • Smaller investment minimums
  • Lower costs
  • Enhanced returns
  • Smarter risk management

Where Advisors and Issuers Join Forces

Clients want assurance that advisors have their best interests in mind. Advisors are looking for the tools to make it happen. Issuers want to sell their products efficiently.

Halo makes that possible, all on one platform.

For Advisors

​​​​Offer clients their own unique, customized solutions tailored to their risk preferences

For Issuers

Get access to more buyers eager to leverage your products

Democratization Through Technology

Manage structured notes, buffered ETFs, and annuities with ease. Connect with global issuers with just a few clicks. It’s how these products are made available to more people.

Building a Protected Portfolio

What Access Means For Advisors

You don’t need to ‘know somebody’ to get your clients invested with defined outcomes. Get started quickly with the help of technology. That changes the game for you, for your clients, and for the market. It helps you better serve clients, grow your business, and gives you a chance to sprint ahead.

  • Stand above the competition
  • Build smarter portfolios
  • Make risk work for you

Increase Customer Loyalty

Continue proving to your clients that you are the person they can trust.

Build Your Business

More adaptable solutions. More customization. More ways to grow your business.

A History of Creating New Opportunities

There are two types of businesses: those who only want to help a privileged few, and those who want to help everyone. Since day one, Halo has prioritized impact over profit.

We saw a chance to help advisors provide defined outcomes to their clients, and set out to tear down any obstacles standing in the way.

Ultimately, we all want to feel confident and informed in our portfolio decisions. We create opportunities for advisors to deliver a truly unique investing experience.

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Our Team

Meet the people who believe defined outcome investing is for anyone who wants to create a better financial future.

Biju Kulathakal

CEO, Co-Founder

Jason Barsema

President, Co-Founder

Our People Make the Difference

Join a team of passionate innovators focused on providing access to smarter investing opportunities. We are a close team based out of our Chicago headquarters with offices across the globe.

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