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Halo Investing uses tech to take on the biggest investing market you've probably never heard of
Built in Chicago

For Halo Investing co-founder Jason Barsema, whose startup seeks to make more complex financial products available to everyday investors, the ecosystem’s blend of financial and technological expertise made it a no-brainer as a home for his fledgling fintech company.

Halo Brings Transparency to Structured Notes

The XIV note blow-up highlights risks lurking in the opaque market in structured notes, but also obscures potential benefits for a wider group of investors and issuers if the market could be opened up.

Halo Investing Wins "Rising Star" Award for Structured Note Platform

Halo Investing, the first independent multi-issuer platform for structured notes, was recognized for achievement and innovation by mtn-i, one of the leading providers of market information, news, analytics and communications about structured notes.

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Jason Barsema On U.S. - China Trade Talks

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Watch "Jason Barsema Talks Halliburton And J B Hunt", an archived episode of Market On Close originally aired 07/18/2019 on the TD Ameritrade Network.
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