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“You’re not protecting a portfolio. You’re protecting a future. I think that option should be available for everyone.”

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What if we told you that you could access products for your clients that mitigated risk, highlighted returns and offered a level of protection reserved for the very few? You might not believe it.

But it’s true.

At Halo, we’ve created a simple, easy platform that democratizes investing by offering more access. You can create protected investments for your clients, giving them great returns…and peace of mind.

That’s how you’ve always run your business. We want to help you run it even better.

What Protective Investing Means for Financial Advisors

What happens when you can create a portfolio with smart risk management?

Stand Out

You’re offering products that the rest of the field is just catching up on

Stay Ahead

Be innovative, be proactive, be there with a plan that protects the future

Keep Growing

When you manage risk, you increase loyalty and can grow your business

How Issuer Partners and Advisors Work Together

We bring together everyone on one platform.

For Issuers and Carriers

Connect with more people and spread your product to more markets

For Financial Advisors

Access products that keep your clients safe and you ahead of the competition

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