Buffer Against Volatility, with Buffered ETFs

By offering clients a level of protection, you’ll turn a buffer into a more sustainable business.

Start Building Smarter Portfolios

Offer all the benefits of ETFs with less volatility

Protect your clients’ assets and your business. Implement a measure of downside protection, all without taking on additional unnecessary market risk.

Pinpoint the Right Amount of Growth and Protection

Build resilient portfolios that aren’t at the mercy of the markets. Your clients expect it, and your business depends on it.

Balance Risk with Return

Buffered ETFs are an easy way to implement a risk-based approach to your client portfolios. Track an index, use the buffer as your downside protection.

Fuel Growth for Your Business with Less Volatility.

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ETF Investing With a Level of Protection

By adding a downside buffer to client portfolios in addition to standard ETF offerings, you’ll turn smarter portfolios into growth for your business.

Benefits to your business:

  • Downside buffer against market declines
  • Upside return caps for growth
  • Easy tools to track performance

A Modern Portfolio Tool

The all-in-one platform built to track, manage, and compare buffered ETFs. Build unique solutions for clients quickly and easily.

Leverage Halo’s tools:

  • Track and manage buffered ETF holdings
  • Compare buffered ETF options
  • Custom notifications and analysis

Build a Defined Outcome Portfolio

Do you feel your clients deserve a secure financial future? Do you want to define the investing outcomes of your clients? We agree. That’s why we’ve made it easier to explore protective investing.

Structured Notes

Flexible return options with a level of protection.


Tap the power of insurance based investments.

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