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Manage Annuities Efficiently

You work tirelessly to deliver month-over-month growth by finding new clients, choosing the right investments, and more. But there are roadblocks standing in your way.

Halo Lets You Focus on What You Do Best

Grow revenue and run a smarter business. Halo handles your insurance operations, eliminating the cost of extra hires, and saving time on difficult to manage tasks. All this shouldn’t stand in the way of serving your clients better.

Make Your Annuity Business Scalable

Halo’s technology provides the scalability you need to offer every client outstanding service, even as your business grows.

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Who Enjoys Extra Paperwork? No One.

Halo’s annuity platform saves you time, and it flows straight to the bottom-line. Save on the annual cost of managing annuity portfolios, and create a new revenue stream.

Halo does it, so you don’t have to:

  • Processing paperwork
  • Licensing and compliance needs
  • Real-time rate comparisons from carriers

Get the Complete Picture of Your Clients’ Annuities.

A digital platform for annuities at your fingertips. Find annuities solutions from the leading carriers, tailored to client needs, easily and efficiently.

Make annuities work for you:

  • Compare annuity options without the hassle
  • Streamlined execution and lifecycle management
  • Due diligence and suitability checks

Build a Defined Outcome Portfolio

Do you feel your clients deserve a secure financial future? Do you want to define the investing outcomes of your clients? We agree. That’s why we’ve made it easier to explore protective investing.

Structured Notes

Flexible return options with a level of protection.

Buffered ETFs

Explore ETFs that include a level of protection.

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[Webinar] Bridging the Risk Gap with Structured Notes – Keebeck x Halo

View our recent webinar featuring Keebeck Wealth Management and their Founder, Bruce Lee, talking with Jason Barsema, Co-Founder and President of Halo Investing. In this session, Bruce and Jason will show how technology can be used to simplify Structured Notes to preserve assets and meet financial objectives for clients.

Test Your Structured Notes Knowledge!

Although lesser known in the U.S., structured notes are growing in popularity. Take the quiz and test your knowledge of this flexible investment that’s now available to more investors than ever!

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