Building a Protected Portfolio

The answer for the risk gap between stocks and bonds.

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A Better Portfolio for Better Outcomes

Protective investing was opaque, risky, and only available to the ultra-wealthy. With Halo, more investors can enjoy the benefits of defined outcomes. They seemed opaque, risky, and weighted toward the super-rich.

We’ve changed that.

With Halo, Your Clients Can Enjoy the Benefits of a Protected Portfolio. What Does That Mean?

  • Managed risk
  • Self-defined outcomes
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Customized products
  • Upside returns
  • Stability with growth

You don’t have to be rich to protect your portfolio. You just have to want to.

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“You’re not protecting a portfolio. You’re protecting a future. I think these should be for everyone.”

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How a Protected Portfolio is Built

What’s the best kind of protected portfolio? The kind that gets you to your financial goals. Every portfolio is different, but they all have something in common: they let you plan the outcome and find the best products to make it happen.

Structured Notes

Reduce risk and create defined investment outcomes by gaining access to unique, dynamic financial products for your clients.

Buffered ETFs

Halo’s marketplace now includes Buffered ETFs—available on the technology platform built to track, manage and compare choices for client portfolios.


Financial advisors now have access to the largest annuity providers on Halo’s centralized, easy-to-use platform.

How Can I Access the Power of a Protected Portfolio?

Do you feel your clients deserve a secure financial future? Do you want to define the investing outcomes of your clients? We agree. That’s why we’ve made it easier for more people to explore protective investing.

Financial Advisors

Offer your clients safer products that protect their investments — and boost your reputation.

Issuers & Carriers

Manage your risk while investing dynamically in your business—simply, easily, and effectively.

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We’ve made a complex market simple and accessible. Let’s talk about how you can access it.

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