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Structured Note Innovation w. Jason Barsema, Co-Founder @HaloInvesting joins @JillMalandrino Live

Halo Investing Wants to Simplify the Process to Buy Notes

Halo Investing offers the first independent multi-issuer platform in the US for structured notes. We here at Halo like to consider structured notes the best investment product that no one has ever heard of.

Technology Company Aims To Make Structured Notes More Popular
Financial Advisor Magazine

Structured notes provide protection from downside risk for investors, but they have been burdened by high fees and limited liquidity. Halo Investing, a technology company based in Chicago, has created a platform to try to fix those flaws.

Halo Investing to Receive Structured Investments Deal of the Year Award

Halo Investing, the first independent multi-issuer financial technology platform for structured notes, will be honored with the Prospect News 2018 Leading Edge Structured Investments Deal of the Year award on Tuesday, March 20th at the 14th annual Structured Product Association conference in New York City.

Technology provider of the year (bank): BNP Paribas

When Chicago-based Halo Investing, a technology-focused investment services start-up, saw that US registered investment advisers (RIAs) and their retail clients were being frustrated in their demand for structured products, it wanted to change that.