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Redefine your outlook on market volatility.

Halo's marketplace now includes Buffered ETFs—available on the only platform built to track, manage and compare choices for client portfolios.

Balance Risk With Return

Plan for multiple market scenarios with a new approach to risk management.

Markets are more uncertain than ever. Halo builds on its structured product expertise to give advisors an easy way to implement a risk-based approach in client portfolios—made simple with Buffered Outcome ETFs.

The only technology platform for Buffered Outcome ETFs:

Passive With Protection

Track an index, use the buffer as your downside protection.

Most ETF investors experience the full volatility of the markets. Buffered ETFs include a downside buffer to protect against market declines, with an upside return cap. This gives your clients a series of expected outcomes over a defined time period for all market scenarios.

Flexible & Fast

Reduce volatility in your portfolios, with more confidence.

Accessible, protective investing options with Buffered ETFs. Halo’s platform gives advisors and RIAs a scalable technology to easily implement and allocate Buffered ETFs within client portfolios.

Portfolio Tools

A modern tool for tracking Buffered ETF lifecycle and performance.

Halo’s platform tracks and manages your Buffered ETF holdings. Capture data and risk metrics on your current portfolio. Create notifications to stay on top of buffer levels, cap dates and optimal roll forward periods.

Get started in 3 simple steps:


Register for a Demo

Have a Halo representative give you a tour of the Buffered ETF platform.


Find the Right Buffered ETF

Choose the right strategy that fits your client’s portfolio and risk preferences.


Start Tracking & Managing

Stay on top of your Buffered ETF holdings with real-time data and analysis.

An ETF Platform Made Personal

Flexible risk management.
A new approach to volatility.

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