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2 New Tools to Help You Compare Buffered ETFs

Halo’s Buffered ETF fee analyzer and full comparison tools help investors make more educated decisions.


Halo Investing continues to build its global, rapidly growing protective investing platform. As part of Halo’s mission to increase transparency and efficiency in the investment world, we’re constantly working to create comprehensive tools for the benefit of investors and their portfolios.

To wrap up a long and dramatic year - to say the least - we are launching two tools to help advisors make better informed investing decisions.

Particularly in the current market environment, low yields and volatility have been felt by most all investors. So the question remains, how can financial advisors help clients stay invested in a choppy market, manage client emotions, and avoid costly panic selling? Buffered ETFs can help.

With more offerings in the market, these new tools are designed to analyze some of the most popular Buffered ETFs across fund families to help investors choose the best product for their objectives.

Read below for more detail on the tools, which Halo has developed to help make evaluating Buffered ETFs easier.

Buffered ETF Comparison Tool

The comparison tool allows advisors to view side by side some of the key facts and characteristics of Buffered ETFs in the market.

Advisors can use this tool to monitor data points from current cap and buffer levels, initial cap and buffers, plus bid-ask spreads and fee comparisons at a glance.

Simply select the desired Buffered ETFs to compare from the dropdown boxes - and compare! It’s that easy.

With many options in the growing Buffered ETF market, Halo’s side-by-side comparison is first in the market to evaluate this unique type of ETF.


Buffered ETF Fee Analyzer

The fee analyzer is designed to provide investors with a fee comparison of most Buffered ETFs available on the market today.

The tool allows financial advisors to evaluate on a portfolio level the impact of Buffered ETF fees over a client’s estimated investment horizon. Starting with an initial and yearly contribution amounts, advisors can use the tool to forecast the impact of fees on their portfolios.


It's important to monitor the impact that fees have on the total performance of a portfolio, especially when compounded over a long time horizon. Like with other ETFs, higher fees can result in years of lost contributions. This new tool quantifies the dollar amount of extra fees paid over the investment lifetime, and the amount of lost contributions for more expensive options.

As a result, financial advisors can now visualize how much fees impact Buffered ETF portfolios with this tool.


More Tools Coming Soon!

Halo’s Buffered ETF Heat Map can be used to evaluate a list of Buffered ETFs with their expected return and volatility of returns across different durations. This tool will allow investors to quickly find the product that best suits their needs, investment outlook, and objectives.

The Buffered ETF Efficient Frontier tool graphically represents the products that maximize returns for a comparable level of risk. Aggressive to more risk averse investors now have a tool to source Buffered ETF investments that may fit their portfolios given their risk preferences even when the cap and buffer levels are changing daily.

For information on the Allianz Buffered Outcome ETF products, learn more here.

Feel free to login to Halo and start using the Buffered ETF comparison tools today, or register below to get a personalized demo of the platform!

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