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Halo Named Finalist for Wealth Management Industry Awards

Halo Investing has been named a finalist for WealthManagement.com’s 2020 Industry Awards in the Technology: Alternative Investment Platform category.



Halo Investing has been named a finalist for WealthManagement.com’s 2020 Industry Awards in the Technology - Alternative Investment Platform category.

Commenting on Halo’s accomplishment, Jason Barsema, President & Co-Founder, said:

This is a great honor, and we couldn’t be more excited to take part in this industry recognition! To be among many of today’s leading financial technology providers, all the thanks goes to our clients, partners and investors around the world. My sincere gratitude goes out to the hard work that our team has put in towards our goal of being the world’s leading independent Structured Notes and Buffered ETF platform for our clients.”

The WealthManagement.com Industry Awards program recognizes firms that are bringing new innovations to market that make a real difference to the daily activities of financial advisors. As the landscape for advisors continues to evolve and expand, every area of wealth management is being disrupted by technology.

Our business structure, agile approach and team’s diverse experience allows us to create products that respond quickly to the needs of independent advisors,” said Biju Kulathakal, CEO & Co-Founder.

Currently, advisors need reliable and comprehensive risk-based solutions so they can focus more time on their clients. They also need increased education of the defined-outcome investing landscape to better understand and manage new opportunities that are available. We’ve responded to these needs with a full suite of portfolio and analytical tools that meet our advisors needs in serving their clients.”

Halo believes in a more accessible, transparent, democratized version of the structured note market - all made possible with technology.

In the past twelve months, Halo Investing has expanded its defined-outcome investing platform by launching new products including Buffered Outcome ETFs and onboarded even more Structured Note issuers. We’ve also built new tools to help better manage structured note portfolios, unmatched by other offerings in the market.

Having the ability to tailor structured notes to individual clients based on their preferences and risk targets is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must have. In the wealth management space, customization has become table stakes as investors expect their advisor to know them just as well, if not better, than other brands they interact with regularly.

By recognizing outstanding achievement, the WealthManagement.com Awards promotes continued innovation in the industry. This enables Halo and other like minded technology companies to better support advisors in their roles as leaders to their clients’ financial health.

Halo’s solution allows advisors to use tools and analytics to tailor structured notes, just for their clients. By providing the best tools on the most comprehensive marketplace platform has won a spot in this award ceremony, and Halo is happy to take part!

Come see why Halo is the world’s leading Advisor platform for Structured Notes and Buffered ETFs!

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