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Episode 1: Jeb Bush - Creating impact through education

In our first episode of the Stay Invested podcast, the 43rd Governor of Florida Jeb Bush sits down with Halo co-founder Jason Barsema.


More about this episode:

After a monumental Presidential election, Jason Barsema welcomes the 43rd Governor of Florida Jeb Bush to the podcast.

In the first episode of the inaugural season of the Stay Invested Podcast, Jeb Bush discusses the recent Presidential election, how young people can approach entrepreneurship, the role of technology in innovation, and creating impact through education.

We learn about the ways Governor Bush was able to reform the education system in Florida to create better outcomes for students and educators. Governor Bush also shares his entrepreneurial experience and focusing on businesses that are moving quickly and able to adapt in a digital environment. He carries this forward to creating better opportunities for young people today and having the resources to get their first jobs in their communities. Governor Bush talks about driving action in education as Chairman of the Excellence in Education foundation, which works with states nationwide on education policy.

Also discussed is the impact of 5G infrastructure and the accessibility of technology to break down competitive moats. The demand for businesses to deliver higher quality products and services at a lower price is now more important than ever to be successful. In today’s environment, it's difficult to depend on barriers of entry when new technology is able to drive down costs and the fortresses of many long-standing industries and businesses. Governor Bush also identifies integrity as one of the most important traits in business. Finally, Jason and Governor Bush reflect on some favorite Netflix series, daily life during the pandemic and reliving the Presidential election in 2000 where Florida, and Governor Bush in office, played a central role which has led to election reforms in the state.

Governor Bush is the son of late former President George H.W. Bush and brother of former President George W. Bush. He was the 43rd Governor of Florida and is known for his work on the state's education system, his efforts to protect the environment, and his achievements in improving the state's economy.

Must-hear moments:

6:02 - Economic issues that are creating massive wealth for some, but limiting economic opportunity for others

We need to make sure we revolutionize the way we educate people so we don’t have young people that can’t get the first job if they don’t have a nationally recognized certificate. If they’re not college ready they’re going to be dragged down because of a mediocre education. We need to make sure that there’s job training that relates to jobs of the 21st century, not the 20th century.”

10:48 - Integrity really matters

Integrity really matters in life and it really matters in business. If you’re compass points north, you can go through a lot of really difficult times. Learn from the experience and emerge stronger. If the challenges of life end up compromising your integrity, its over.

15:05 - Technology disrupting many industries

In the traditional financial services sector, the ones that will embrace disruptive technology, rather than resist them. Some aren’t going to make it because there are a lot of startups focusing on big or small parts of the financial services industry.

25:01 - Being a mediocre student, but that all changed when he met his wife

First of all, I was a mediocre student and recognized as that in high school, until I met my wife. Basically I made the honor roll the last year, and that’s after I met her. It had nothing to do with my intelligence, it was all the desire of wanting to marry my wife of 47 years.

26:32 - An unforgettable story of why he’s so passionate about education

I went to visit 250 schools as a candidate in 1998. There’s an eighth grade level test to graduate from twelfth grade and a student couldn’t answer the following question. A baseball game starts at 3 and ends at 4:30, how long is the game? I don’t think Santiago was going to pass that eighth grade level test, he won’t be a high school graduate, his future was limited. I don’t know about you, but that pissed me off. That’s why I was very passionate about this and still am today.

31:10 - Why Governor Bush is interested and involved with Halo

I like being part of this positive disruption. Look I'm 67 years old, and I could shut it down but it’d probably drive me nuts if i did. I like being part of these businesses, and the people that lead these businesses involved in really creative exciting things. Its part of who I am.

36:04 - Being front and center during the 2000 Presidential election as Governor of Florida

Here’s a good news story, we clearly weren't ready for an election with a 574 vote difference that determined the next President. No state would have been. But we reformed our election laws and how we operate the election. It worked really well and it's a model for the rest of the country and we’re really proud of that.

About the Stay Invested Podcast:

Stay Invested is Halo Investing’s original podcast where you’ll hear from world changing leaders that focus on driving impact with the help of technology.


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