Jason Barsema Joins Animal Spirits Podcast to Talk Defined Outcome Investing


Halo co-founder & President Jason Barsema rejoined Michael Batnick, CFA and Ben Carlson, CFA of Ritholtz Wealth Management on the Animal Spirits Podcast.

In this episode, Jason, Michael and Ben discuss the benefits of protective and defined outcome investing through structured notes.



In the episode, they discuss:

  • The coming boom in customization for advisors
  • Filling the risk gap between stocks and bonds
  • How structured notes work
  • Making structured products better
  • Creating a customized structured note
  • The 2 primary risks of structured notes
  • How do banks fit into this marketplace?
  • How to fix annuities
  • How technology helps decrease costs and complexity

About Animal Spirits

As one of the most widely followed shows about markets and investing, Animal Spirits brings together Michael Batnick, CFA and Ben Carlson, CFA of Ritholtz Wealth Management to talk about what they’re reading, writing, listening to and watching. With over 5 million total downloads and counting, Michael and Ben have built a unique platform to reach financial advisors and institutional investors with an insightful and honest mix of research and commentary.

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