Halo investments offers

Halos are simple, income-oriented products you can use to protect your clients’ wealth from market volatility, while meeting investors’ return objectives.

Halos can provide specific, predefined return objectives

Your clients are looking for consistent returns without exposing their wealth to risky market volatility. Customers don't care about portfolio allocation when they are losing money. Halo helps you avoid those tough conversations.


Other Protective ProductS

High fees, hidden costs
Most protective products are unpalatably expensive
Bank issuer risks
If the issuer fails, you can lose everything. Remember Lehman?
Limited liquidity
Protective products can be expensive and hard to sell



Fee friendly
Halo uses technology to keep fees low
No bank issuer risk
Halos remove this unnecessary risk
Liquid and Transparent
You can sell a Halo at any time

Don't lose a customer because of market volatility. Protect your business with Halos.


At Halo, we have extensive experience managing money so we know how challenging it can be. Market volatility can make advisors and customers alike sick. We left Wall Street to bring ALL advisors a timely solution that protects their customers' portfolios and more easily meets their return objectives. Halo will also differentiate your practice from the crowd, allow you to win more business, and most important, protect the business you already have. Hello, Halo!


Customizable to fit your needs

Create custom Halos or select from new Halos generated daily to meet your clients’ specific needs. We offer a wide variety of Halos, giving your clients protection in any market. Our proprietary platform makes it all possible, giving you new ideas, instant execution and real time pricing on all Halos.

We offer

  • An end-to-end technology platform
  • New ideas to drive new business
  • Ongoing trade management
  • Peace of mind
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We created Halo for people that want a clearer focus on their investment objectives without all the volatility that comes with traditional investing. With Halo, you will retain your current clients, while attracting new ones. You're working hard to build your business. Want to find out how we can change the world together?

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