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A better technology partner, not another vendor.

Halo is a two-sided marketplace connecting investors to structured products offered by leading global financial institutions.

Our goal is to provide access to impactful investment opportunities previously unavailable to many investors.

We build our financial technology platform with three ideas in mind:


The best tools are ones you don’t have to think too hard about.

Historically, protective investments were burdened by time consuming and manual paperwork. We develop and build fast, powerful tools, so you save time and money immediately.


Technology should be built for your needs, not the other way around.

Every investor has different needs and goals. We have built a platform that offers custom options for investing, tracking and issuing structured products.


Smart investment options shouldn’t be just for the wealthy.

Halo’s platform gives access to competitive investment opportunities, unique trade ideas and full portfolio analytics. We’re putting control in the hands of investors, while increasing efficiency for issuers.

Halo's Origin Story

Halos are thought to symbolize a protective force over the heads of iconic figures. We think of our platform as a way to provide investors a level of protection over uncertain markets. Through technology, we hope to give the power of a better financial outcome to every investor.


Biju Kulathakal Portrait

Biju Kulathakal
CEO, Co-Founder

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Jason Barsema
President, Co-Founder

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