The all-in-one platform for building protective investment solutions.

Crafting the right portfolio for clients is hard enough. Halo’s award-winning platform gives you a new way to find and manage outcome-based investments. Fueling your business for better client experiences.

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Through technology, we power investment outcomes for financial advisors and their clients

Better portfolio decisions with smarter risk management.

Target a level of return. Include a measure of protection. Achieve your investment goals.

Our platform gives financial advisors flexible access to protective investments so you can give your clients the tools they may need to succeed.

Don’t just react to the market—define the future for your clients and your practice.

Explore how protective investing works

“These were closed, inaccessible markets—our technology is opening the door.”

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Build a Portfolio With Protection in Mind

It’s no revelation that today’s investing environment is difficult. Interest rates have been perpetually low, equities are near all-time highs, and volatility can always show up. With Halo, you can make risk work for you.

Fill the risk gap between stocks and bonds

Structured Notes

  • Choose your protection levels & participation rates to suit your portfolio needs
  • Browse available structured notes in our marketplace
  • Make banks compete for your business

Buffered ETFs

  • Balance risk with return: Offer all the benefits of ETFs with a level of downside protection
  • Turn a buffer into a more sustainable business growth
  • Use the premier platform built to track, manage and compare buffered ETFs


  • Harness the power of insurance-based investments
  • Make your annuity business scalable, and profitable
  • Easily compare annuity products & rates

Simplify. Grow. Expand.

Financial security for your clients shouldn’t be beyond reach. That’s why we’ve created Halo—we believe that everyone should have the right to define their investment outcomes.

We’ve made it easier. We’ve made it accessible. And we’ve made it work for financial advisors across the globe.

See how Halo is changing the way the world invests

More than a platform—Halo is a partner for growth

Helping financial advisors achieve better business outcomes:

  • Saving you time to focus on building deeper relationships
  • Adding capabilities without the added cost of headcount
  • Deepening your practice with specialized tools and knowledge

Protective Investment Opportunities for Client Portfolios

We’re living longer. We’re doing more. But market volatility, healthcare costs, and the normal expenses of living make it difficult for your clients to feel secure. Too much risk can jeopardize everything. Too much caution can leave them without enough.

But what if you could have both?

That’s using the right tools for positive investment outcomes. By using Halo, you can help provide your clients with what they need to meet their long-term investment goals. That’s how you stand out. That’s how you keep growing.

The market throws curveballs. Having access to the financial tools that add a little more certainty, can make all the difference with clients.

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